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Changing of the Guard

The Match Factory

  Are you troubled by SPIRITS? Call FRANÇOIS, GIFTED MEDIUM, on 07812 678321. The advert was in the back of a folded-up newspaper someone had left on the bus, between the personals and furniture for sale. There was a little sketch underneath of praying hands with waves of rainbow light coming off them. I stared [...]

Looking at Michael Andrews

Leaving Cuba

Bread and Salt

The Hurt

These days are sadness at its most vivid. You have, at dawn, at dusk, the prayer call, the Ezan , the Takbir and the Shahada sung like smoke caught in the heat of the throat, a prayer-wisp, a delicate meandering. Then the bells from St. Sophia will start. Their self regard rattling the valley with [...]

Ha Ha Ha

I didn’t like their album cover This was long before we met He teetered to his digs after the gig Tiptoe boots and a bottom I’d’ve Traversed Leeds for. Ha Ha Ha A jeer on the back of his jacket In red sticky tape. Is that what Attracted them? He must have been a fan. [...]

Whoever is Left to Count the Grain

Lemons in August

The Copulation of Angels

A Child of the Sun

The Long Passage

Unhappy Families

The Barriers of Love

Statues Missing Chunks

In the Roman Art wing of who-knows-which museum ancient torsos are on exhibit some of which are missing chunks. Time was meticulous in choosing what to carry off (the rst parts to fall varied according to gender: there are Three Graces without heads a penisless Phoebus) surely there must be some place anatomy abounds for [...]

The Past Beneath Our Feet

September in the Rain by Peter Robinson, Holland House, September 2016, 280pp, £11.99 (paperback) Collected Poems by Peter Robinson, Shearsman Books, February 2017, 518pp, £19.95 (paperback) Roy Fisher has noted how unusual it is in English poetry nowadays ‘to find a writer of Peter Robinson’s sophistication occupying himself with what appears, at least, to be [...]

I Want to Find Nothing

Links in the Chain

For Mary, Sotto Voce

A Trinidadian Friendship

Malraux, Camus and the Nobel Prize

André Malraux (1901-76) was born in a bourgeois quarter of Paris, Albert Camus (1913-60) in a working-class district in the provincial Algerian town of Oran. Despite their different backgrounds they had significant emotional, intellectual and aesthetic affinities. Camus’s father was killed on the Marne in October 1914; Malraux’s father committed suicide in December 1930. Camus [...]

Playing Safe

Lenses from Somewhere: A Memory of Ted Hughes

After I reviewed Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being for the TLS, Ted Hughes wrote to me. He was very wounded by the reception of the book, which had been harsh and often sneering. In the letter, he imagined himself caught in the malignant circuitry of Measure for Measure: I knew that our academic [...]

Sir Christoper Wren and Henry Moore

The King, the Prime Minister and the Loss of the American Colonies

My London

Venetia Welby is the author of Mother of Darkness, published by Quartet Books, February 2017. This is the twenty-first article in our regular series of “My London”. The streets of Soho teem with the ghosts of its past. Here Dylan Thomas staggers out of the French House leaving his manuscript of Under Milk Wood under [...]