TLM Issue

Poetry | Water Birth by Rachel Bower

No-one wants to be born at sea / but I’m a midwife, squeeze my hand, / that’s it, we’ve got this girl. / She squats, not time to push / yet. Bile rises with the swell. Breathe / through the surge, keep your head. / The baby’s well positioned, head / down, curled and smooth [...]

Essay | A Life of Purpose and Pleasure by Madeleine Feeny

Born in 1911 in Berlin to a ‘hopelessly incompatible’ couple – a withdrawn, eccentric Bavarian baron and a vivacious, intelligent beauty – Sybilla von Schoenebeck would live to ninety-four, dying in London in 2006 under another name. Writer, bon viveur, lover, friend, she would be subject to the vicissitudes of twentieth-century politics, her writing shaped [...]

Fiction | Coming Up for Air by Sarah Leipciger

I was still alive when I was pulled from the black water. The batelier who hauled me out slapped my face once or twice and, when he got no response, assumed I was dead. I seemed dead, and anyway moments later, I was. Besides, he wouldn’t have been able to resuscitate me had he known [...]