TLM Issue

Poetry | St Clement’s mystic brew by Rishi Dastidar

Rishi Dastidar St Clement’s mystic brew (after ‘Electric Relaxation’ by A Tribe Called Quest) Ever been the ghost at the matinee of your own life? Whisper it but everyone feels like they’re invisible between the ages of their last first kiss and their first last goodbye. It’s an immutable law, and I know some people [...]

Essay | My London by David Gentleman

David Gentleman My London David Gentleman has lived in London for almost seventy years, most of it on the same street. His latest book (My Town: An Artist’s Life in London, published by Particular Books, March 2020) is a record of a lifetime spent observing, drawing and getting to know the city, bringing together work [...]

Fiction | The Amnesty by Jen Calleja

Jen Calleja The Amnesty CASE STUDY 4 Below you will find extracted responses from the writings of PERSON A and PERSON B. PERSON A is an anonymous voluntary respondent to the first Amnesty on Sexism survey sent by the government to every woman and girl over the age of fifteen. PERSON B is an unidentified [...]