TLM Issue

Fiction | The Operated Englishman by Alex Pheby

It’s going to test our collective patience, but I’d like to take some time to talk about – I suppose eulogise – my old friend Gary ‘Little’ England(-er). As much as I’m able to, of course – he was so much more complicated than I could ever claim to be. It would take a real [...]

Poetry | Write It by Helen Mort

Because I can’t, a rat redrafts the lower reaches / of our house at night, cursive across high ledges, / forcing the bright idea of its body through masonry / to trace the lines of copper pipes. A huge buck, / gnawing plastic, caches of cat food, grazing on lintels. / With slivers of wood, [...]

Essay | Reader, You’re Late by Rebecca Watson

When I talk about the experience of writing my debut novel, I often catch myself using an authority I do not recognise. This is what I was thinking, that is how it happened. I hear the assertion, and I find myself wondering: is that true? It is not that I lie. I believe what I [...]