TLM Issue

This Autumn our October/November 2019 issue features Charles Jennings on Gothic London, Xenobe Purvis on the cultural and mythical role of glacial ice, as well as Erik Martiny on Marcel Proust and the Prix Goncourt. Tony Roberts invites us to discover the poetry of F.T. Prince and Justin Doherty the Flower Men tribe of Saudi Arabia. Paul Gittins reconsiders poet W.H. Davies’s fall from favour; meanwhile Anton Chekhov and D.H. Lawrence visit Sri Lanka in Jeffrey Meyers’ essay. Short fiction by Jane Fraser and Emmanuelle Pagano. Poetry by Patricia McCarthy, Sam Buchan-Watts, Brit Parks, Jaya Savige, Matthew Francis, Steven O’Brien, Maggie Butt, Martina Evans, Dominic Leonard, Chris McCabe, Frieda Hughes and John Kinsella. Reviewers include Imogen Woodberry, Stuart Walton, Tom Sutcliffe, Theophilus Kwek, Katie Da Cunha Lewin and Will Forrester.