TLM Issue

Essay | Killing Keats by John Phipps

I like the redundant ‘a’ in Keats’ name. I can’t really imagine him without it, as ‘Keets’, or even ‘Keytes.’ Before I knew how to pronounce them differently, he used to sit on my father’s bookshelf next to a poet I called ‘Yeets’ and since they were the first two poets I read, that diphthong [...]

Fiction | Summer Séance by Haleh Agar

Today we will make contact with Flo and I am giddy with excitement. I did not sleep in the night. My mind fussed over details of the day ahead: the food preparation, Gustav’s mocha birthday cake that must be collected in the morning from the baker’s. But mostly, I could not stop thinking of Flo. [...]

Poetry | The Great Disappointment & Living Without Moon by Ali Lewis

‘Leadership is disappointing your own people at a rate they can absorb.’ – Ronald Heifetz. Since I’ve been reckoning with grief / I’ve been looking for a painting I remember / of a peasant, miserable on a hillside, / seconds after his rapture hasn’t come, / his plough already sold to a neighbour / for [...]

Fiction | Swimming Scene by Rob Palk

Rob Palk Swimming Scene He skipped over mounds and tussocks, across the flat top of the hill, the ground stretched out around him. He danced, swinging his bag, fizzing up the remaining cans, and fell into a trench. How had he forgotten the trenches? They’d dug them for practice, before they sent the town’s men [...]

Review | Buried in England by Max de Gaynesford

Max de Gaynesford Buried in England   The Sea View Has Me Again: Uwe Johnson in Sheerness, Patrick Wright, Repeater Books 2020, pp. 800, £25.00 (hardcover) Like the baobab tree that seems to be waving its roots in the air, there is something upside-down about Uwe Johnson (1934-84). Though his status as one of the [...]