TLM Issue

In The London Magazine this issue we have Daniel Mulhall on James Joyce’s ‘The Dead’, Suzi Feay on the poet Robert Lundquist, Will Stone on Van Gogh’s influence on German Expression and much more: Poetry by Will Vigar, Sheenagh Pugh, Michael O’Neill. Essays by Simon Tait on Philip Sutton, Nicholas Summerfield on Anthony Burgess, Robert Wilton on the legacy of Skanderbeg, Peter Davies on the mosaics inspired by William Blake, and Oggy Boytchev on My London. Poetry by Sharon Black, Grey Gowrie, Kevin Cahill, Hugh Dunkerley, Alycia Pirmohamed, Robert Hamberger, Alison Brackenbury, Georges Fourest (trans. Timothy Adès), Steven O’Brien and Matthew Smith. Short Fiction by David Keenan and Terry Craven. Reviews by Stuart Walton, Andrew Lambirth, Jeffrey Meyers, Steven Matthews, Roy Foster and Alistair Lexden.