TLM Issue

Poetry | Café Poems by Holly Pester

Holly Pester Café Poems   Café as think-tank metaphor for Enterprise. False Memory porn. Collage Damage. Diffusion transfer Everyone wants to be heard. I’ve got myself into something twisted and ongoing with her. I hear her, then there is a power between us. I accept her version of things. She needs to be heard. What [...]

Fiction | A Season for Every Activity by Keiran Goddard

Keiran Goddard A Season for Every Activity   The thing about Colm’s mother was that she could see inside people’s living rooms. Even if she had never been in the person’s house. All she’d have to do is hold someone’s hand and it would come to her. All of the colours and all at once. [...]

Essay | A Conversation about Irish Literature by Houman Barekat

Houman Barekat A Conversation about Irish Literature   Why does Ireland produce so much good writing? Over the past few years I’ve been intrigued by the perennial over-representation of Irish authors on the shortlists of the more credible UK literary prizes. More generally, it seems to me that the Irish publishing industry has of late [...]