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Essay | Les Liaisons Dangereuses: A Book That Keeps Burning by Sam Mills

Sam Mills Les Liaisons Dangereuses: A Book That Keeps Burning   When Pierre Choderlos de Laclos sat down to pen Les Liaisons Dangereuses in 1779, he declared that he wanted to write a book that ‘would make a new departure, which would create some stir in the world and continue to do so after I [...]

Poetry | the o god by Joelle Taylor

Joelle Taylor the o god from a distance/ wedding bells look like bombs dropping/ o lord the sky has broken/ into middle aged men/ there she is/ bruised to rainbow bunting/ how was I to know that/ to light a cigarette was to light a fuse/ her face/ white against the sudden/ behind her/ buildings [...]

Fiction | Matamoros, July 1846 by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald Matamoros, July 1846 First place in The London Magazine Short Story Prize 2022 For weeks, the leaflets had been littering the encampment like broken birds, flapping in the wind, lodging in the twisted pine trees. When it rained, they landed in the puddled mud to be torn and buried underfoot. Nobody was [...]

Fiction | Dead Skin / New Skin by Ellen Jones

Ellen Jones Dead Skin / New Skin Encarni stands in the cold in the middle of the park and examines the photo she has just been sent. It’s from Kit, taken on his phone as she straddled him on the bed some time last Sunday before sunrise. The image is mainly of her torso, seen [...]

Review | The Nature of Time by Philip Womack

Philip Womack The Nature of Time In Search of One Last Song: Britain’s Disappearing Birds and the People Trying to Save Them, Patrick Galbraith, William Collins, 2022, pp. 320 £18.99 (hardcover) Belonging: Natural Histories of Place, Identity and Home, Amanda Thomson, Canongate, 2022, pp. 320, £16.99 (hardcover) This morning, as I sat at my desk, [...]

Poetry | Half-written Love Letter / Another Country by Selina Nwulu

Selina Nwulu Half-written Love Letter / Another Country Half-written Love Letter My parents came here after hearing the seas of the British Isles, as if they put their ears to its shell and the waves threw themselves tipsy against conch, willing them to come over. Then there were the things we understood without words; how [...]