The Carlton Club Lunch

    Cartoon of The Carlton Club

    Pictures from the Carlton Club lunch are now live. This event was in celebration of Julia Peyton-Jones, who gave a speech at our House of Commons event in January. Guests to the lunch included: Lord and Lady Gowrie, Julia Peyton-Jones, Lord Smith, Lord Palumbo, Lord Risby, Jason Cowley, Charles Talbot Costa Duarte, Ann Chisholm, Caroline Moorehead OBE, Anna Somers-Cocks, Sally Potter, Ivor Braka, Helena Newman, Anna Maria Lovely, Terry Pritchard, Jeremy Bradshaw and Derwent May, along with The London Magazine team Steven O’Brien, Heather Wells, and Matthew Scott.

    You can find the pictures here.

    Thanks to our photographer, William Reeve Robert, who these images are copyrighted to.