The Aug-Sept issue has arrived!


    The Aug-Sept issue of The London Magazine is here, and it’s the perfect way to see out your summer.

    As usual, we’ve assembled an eclectic batch of essays that will provoke and delight. Spectator food blogger Frank Armstrong writes on the history and meaning of bread. Journalist and critic Stephen Maughan asks: whatever happened to Generation X? And author Soumya Bhattacharya muses on the writing process.

    There is poetry from John Kinsella, winner of the 2008 Christopher Brennan Award for lifetime achievement in poetry, awarded by the Fellowship of Australian Writers. And also from Eric Gregory winner Eogan Walls, who contributes “Vertigo on the Glenshane Pass”.

    And three new short stories, too. Among them The Museum of Flight, by Scottish novelist David McAlpine Cunningham.

    Elsewhere, The Times writer Derwent May reviews the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. And art and music critic Francis Gooding explores the Vortacists at Tate Britain.

    So what are you waiting for? Get your copy today, and see out the summer with the finest writing from London and around the world.