Tales of Survival – Caribbean Stories and Poems by Davis Deen


The London Magazine Editions presents its latest eBook collection: Tales of Survival – Caribbean Stories and Poems by Davis Deen.

Davis Deen’s farrago is a collection of stories and poems drawn from his Trinidadian background. The writing is warm and rich, rooted in and uttering from the Caribbean oral tradition.

This debut collection reflects the views of the ancestral storytelling spirit to change, to adapt, to grow both culturally and socially.

Lovers of Lawrence Scott and Anthony Joseph will cherish this collection.



Davis Deen’s book is a rich homage to the oral culture of the Caribbean. Yet here is no pastiche -the writing thrives, as if the tropical foliage of the tongue has parted to reveal all the spice, sweat, laughter and life of the green islands. The cadences linger long in the memory.” – Steven O’Brien


Davis Deen also known as Coco P – was born in 1970 in Gasparillo, Trinidad; grew up in the heart of the Black power and revolutionary movement.  The 70’s also saw Trinidad’s first World100m Gold Winner and winning title of Miss Universe.  He grew up with his grandmothers and mother when his father died in the mid 70’s within a family of five.

Davis the winner of the “Best Storyteller Award” from 1986-88 in the South Island school’s competition, and holder of several other Best Acting awards from his school days in Mod Sec  was also granted a summer scholarship for acting, theatre and stage development at the University of the West Indies.  Working with prolific actors of the 80’s at the time. Ever since that time, Davis has pursued his career as actor and writer using various stages as a media to express his critical view on Trinidad’s history, society and current events.

As a storyteller, poet and stage entertainer, Davis has established himself within the UK Carnival scene. “Tales of Survival” is his debut work as a published writer, giving tribute to the ancestors of both Indian and African heritage, like his grandmothers, Mama, Nanny, mother Agnes, local storyteller Paapy, Tanti Susie and others.

Davis moved to England by 1993 and pursued a career in mental health and currently is a Psychotherapist specialising in Trauma related care.



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