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Poetry | On His Deafness by Damian Grant

‘No-one has ever written a poem “On His Deafness”’;
(David Lodge, Deaf Sentence).
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I try to get you side of my good ear;
our conversation gains in clarity,
one might say comprehension. But meanwhile,
what is the bad ear doing? Could it be
that ears are angels, and the evil one
is there to sow dissension, to set down
the stops that make our music? Satan squats
(wrote Milton) at the ear of Eve to spoil
our parents’ paradise, and all that is
perverse in us could well find lodging in
the labyrinth of cunning passages
bored in our temples with a stump of wing
to flag the faultline. Or is it the place
set there for love to listen to the things
that Eve and Adam always meant to say?


By Damian Grant

Ghost Story by J.G. Warry


For close on forty years I have pursued
The ghost of my personality
Down endless corridors of a castle

If I could catch him, I wonder,
By the hem of his fading gown
Would he turn and show me a mystery
Or with a silent frown

Repudiate the beckoning finger
Which often at the angle of a stair
Invited me to a solemn tete-a-tete —
Always elsewhere?

When the clock is stirring the shadows
Anxiously I raise
My eyes to the darkened gallery,
Wondering if his face

Closely resembles my face.
And if in fact it does not,
Would I really care to confront him
In a lonely spot?

Who is the owner of the castle?
Is it the ghost or I?
And if the walls suddenly crumble
Under the night sky

Will the place still be haunted?
Or shall I stand alone
Beneath the moon, with the fragments
Of powdered stone?

This poem originally appeared in The London Magazine in June 1960

Transcribed by Anna Červenková

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