Short Story Competition 2017 | Winners


The London Magazine are pleased to announce the winners of our 2017 Short Story Competition.

1st PlaceSolitaire by Theo Greenblatt

2nd PlaceAsma by Dur e Aziz Amna

3rd PlaceSylvia Plath watches us sleep, but we don’t mind by Victoria Richards



Joseph K was not on Facebook by Rhys Timson

Queen Victoria by Campaspe Lloyd-Jacob

A Place of Grace by Frank Dullaghan

Sweet Things by Alex Scarlett

Lighthouse by Rose McDonagh

Quiet Mountain by Sally Jubb

Nature, Babe by Susan Van Sciver

Butterflies by Alison Woodhouse

Einstein’s Brain by Ben Ristow

Lucky Silver by Jenny Kerslake

Meeting on Friedenstrasse by David Pratt

Congratulations! Winning entries will be published in our April/May 2018 Issue.