Poetry | Ice House Love by Natalie Shaw

Janet Little Jeffers

Natalie Shaw

Ice House Love

He rather liked the ice house
No, he was already a little in love
with the ice house
No, even before they had been properly introduced
No, or even met

Ah my frozen lake
      –     all 300 tonnes! –
Ah its stately melt

[Unlike that other ice]
This Ice is clean
Six inches thick and remarkably clean
Remarkably clean

[homegrown ice is not so clean]

Import duty set arbitrarily high
The ice men came
The old ice money

[He was not concerned with that]
[The ice carts up and down the streets]
Remarkably clean


Natalie Shaw‘s pamphlet Dirty Martini will be published in January 2023 with Broken Sleep, and Oh be quiet is out now with Against the Grain.

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