PAGES by Heather Wells


    … is a newly-launched online book retailer that encourages and inspires independent thought.


    They offer a very selective choice of books by independent and self-publishers, not just literary but books on architecture and cookery too, so as to offer you a wide range of brilliantly written and illustrated books that you may not necessarily find at the big book retailer.


    With less choice than a large retail store, more focus is on the selection they offer and I notice a nicely illustrated book, re-issued by Slightly Foxed paperbacks called My Grandmothers and I written by Diana Holman-Hunt (and yes she is related to the Pre-Raphaelite artist, William Holman-Hunt who was her Grandfather). This is just one of many delights you can find at PAGES.


    As well as sell books, PAGES also has an ongoing blog that aims to be a vibrant and interactive online community that drives real conversation about books from fiction to fashion to politics. With a strong social media and blog presence, PAGES aims to be the online meeting place for those who love books. I’m assuming if you’re reading this… that you do!


    by Heather Wells, Production Manager