Tickets to London History Festival


    The 6th London History Festival will be taking place in Kensington on Nov 12 – 27th. Talks start at 7.00pm.

    Hear bestselling authors such as Charles Spencer, Adam Zamoyski, Helen Castor and David Reynolds – and join in the debates.

    Tickets are just £5 (and £3 concessions). For further details about the festival please see

    The London Magazine has been given 10 pairs of tickets to give to you for the following talk:

    The Phantom Terror. Adam Zamoyski.

    Waterstone’s High St Kensington. Nov 12th. 7.00 Start.

    Following the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789, every government in Europe whipped up fear of conspiracy and revolution, using it to extend its powers, limit the freedom of the individual and the press, and make war, all in the name of defending a supposedly threatened social order. Tony Blair and George W. Bush had nothing on the likes of Pitt, Metternich and Tsar Alexander when it came to brazen lies and fabrication of ‘evidence’ in pursuit of their demented vision of state security. Adam Zamoyski unpicks the bizarre skein of genuine fear, self-delusion and opportunism that motivated them.

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