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Posthuman Poetics

  Fast, Jorie Graham, Carcanet, June 2017, pp. 96, £12.99 (Paperback) ‘I was very lucky. The end of the world had already occurred You have...

The London Road

The summer and autumn of 1651 was make-or-break time for the future Charles II. These were two seasons when his life was at stake,...

The Leprechaun

And so it all began with my grandad and the Leprechaun. He was a great man for singing and stories. His generation were happy to...

Excitement, Heart in Mouth, to Listen: 50 Years of Poetry International

Amongst the audience for the first Poetry International gathering, which took place in July 1967, was London writer Iain Sinclair. He’d come along to...

An Overflow of Violent Bacchanalia

Accounts of the storming of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg on 25 October 1917 read more like those of a party being violently...

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