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My London

I was born, brought up and have lived most of my life in London, and it fits me like a pair of comfortable slippers. I...

Old mother moor

  is bitter – peat is the thinnest of comforts the bedrock is recalcitrant as teeth moor like to throw up what she thinks are startling images hanks of hair,...

Kleist Single Malt

Riding He tried to be a soldier. Seven years he spent in the Guards, seven years he described as irredeemably lost. Then, one afternoon, this...

A Walk Through Rackham Land

  Ideally, if you go into Rackham Land you should go on your own. Take a deep breath and walk. Don’t look for Rackham. Let...

A Gamble with People and Money

  Summer Opera, 2017 (Glyndebourne Festival, The Grange Festival, Grange Park Festival at West Horsley, Garsington Opera at Wormsley, Opera Holland Park) 2017 was not a...

The Ribbleway

  Wild horses wouldn’t get me to central Lancashire for a bank holiday–or so I thought. In fact, all it took was some old friends...

The Sandman

  Quiet: the poet is taking the stage. (Well, it’s not a stage, but a circle of bookshop carpet: Shush, we won’t quibble.) She (As we said, we’ll go...

Emotions Run Cool

  First Love, Gwendoline Riley, Granta, February 2017, £12.99, 176 pp. (hardcover) ‘How many boyfriends are treated like the father figure?’ This question, posed by the...

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