The Golden Hour by Frances Gapper

That afternoon was a particularly trying one for Mary. Having changed her mother’s incontinence pad and left her on the sofa watching ‘Homes under...

Flowers by Mark Godfrey

She communicates through flowers. Daffodils are for happiness, carnations for sadness, snowdrops mean hope and tulips stand for strength. She saves dahlias for saints’...

Blessed Is the Road On Which You Are Travelling Today by...

Tuesday, 14 February 1989 You had never heard of the word until an hour ago, but already your designers are as familiar with the concept...

Fiction | The Sinners’ Corner by Mark Sadler

I returned to work on a dismal Tuesday morning, emerging from the main entrance of London, Fenchurch Street, railway station under opaque grey skies....

Interview | 2018 Short Story Prize Judges!

With only a few weeks remaining for our Short Story Prize for this year, we thought we would catch up with our judges to...

The London Magazine Short Story Prize 2018

Submissions are now open for The London Magazine Short Story Prize 2018! The London Magazine has published short stories by some of the most well-respected literary figures over the course of long history, from Jean Rhys to V. S. Pritchett. Our annual Short Story Competition seeks out new voices to join them. 

The Soviet Prom by Neil Herrington

Wednesday, 21 August 1968   The moment you and Slava enter the dining room, he throws himself on the first person he sees, kisses both of...

Easter Island by Fiona Brenninkmaker

Charting the evolution of Easter Island wooden carvings from spiritual receptacle to auction treasure.   Allow me to take you on a small journey to Easter...

A Discrete Disclosure by Desmond King

Frank’s Englishness was all about him for he dressed in country wear: tweed sports jackets, check shirts, Burberry rain macs, and a perpetual woollen...

Fiction | The Mercedes by Anna Kavan

For some reason taxis are always scarce in my district. Late on a wet night, the few there were would certainly be engaged, if their drivers weren’t already sitting comfortably at home in the warm. So I was worried about getting one for M, who’d looked in earlier in the evening on his way to visit a patient. He’d seemed quite happy talking about the wonderful big Mercedes he was going to buy as soon as he had enough money, and the wonderful time we were going [...]

The Man Who Died Twice by Alexandra Maher

A fan-fiction crossover piece combining Julian Fellowes’ Downton Abbey and Agatha Christie’s Poirot. Set in the Christmas of 1920, as the episode preceding the...

This Land by Josie Ferrante

A feathery touch brings me round. Gentle, like the light summer rain back home in Wiltshire – thin drops patter on my face and...

Saints and Cheeses in the Philippines by Tom Sykes

In 2010, I moved to the Philippines to work as a journalist, taking my then partner Donna and four-year-old stepdaughter Daisy. Our first day...

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