Flowers by Mark Godfrey

She communicates through flowers. Daffodils are for happiness, carnations for sadness, snowdrops mean hope and tulips stand for strength. She saves dahlias for saints’...

A Glamorous Life by Karl Manders

IN THE SUMMER, while their shells are still a pale colour, you may eat the white kernels of unripe hazel nuts. You extract their...

A Discrete Disclosure by Desmond King

Frank’s Englishness was all about him for he dressed in country wear:  tweed sports jackets, check shirts, Burberry rain macs, and a perpetual woollen...

The Soviet Prom by Neil Herrington

  Wednesday, 21 August 1968   The moment you and Slava enter the dining room, he throws himself on the first person he sees, kisses both of...

Child of Vengeance by David Kirk

Excerpt from Chapter One The battle was over, but still Kazuteru ran. He had duty to fulfil. The young samurai ignored the howling of his...

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