Interview | Saul David

The fantastic historian and novelist Saul David popped by our offices to chat about his new book, Jack the Ripper, naughty royals and crime writing!His new novel The Prince and the Whitechapel Murders is available now. Interview...

Interview | Donald Sultan

The acclaimed American figurative painter Donald Sultan currently has his first U.K retrospective at Huxley-Parlour Gallery, London. Sultan is 68 now, and this show entitled, Dark Objects: Works 1977–2019, will be his first in London...

Interview | Keith Coventry: The Old Comedy

Eric BlockKeith Coventry: The Old Comedy This month sees the opening of UPSTONE SOHO, a new gallery in the heart of Soho. Its inaugural show is by acclaimed British artist Keith Coventry, who will be showing...

Interview | Ilana Manolson | Chance Encounters

Inspired by the fluidity and evolution of nature, the acclaimed Canadian American artist Ilana Manolson expresses both a personal and abstract interpretation of the natural world in her paintings. Her first London exhibition, Chance...

Interview | Scarlett Sabet in conversation with Gerard Malanga

You ask how my week has been? I've been in lockdown now for 3 weeks or so, though I might've lost count. I have plenty to keep me busy in the house here, plus I have responsibility towards my 3 cats. And then there's dreamtime, between 4 & 6 in the morning. But suddenly I felt days back this ennui coming on, like, did the poetry suddenly disappear? Sometimes I'm concerned—but just for a moment mind you—whether I can match or even better the last one? There's no way [...]

Interview | Leo Dixon on Death in Venice at the Royal Opera House

Stuart MartinLeo Dixon on Death in Venice at the Royal Opera House At only 23 years old, British dancer Leo Dixon has already begun an impressive career at the Royal Ballet. Not content with conquering the...

Interview | Emma Donoghue on writing hunger

Set in Ireland in 1858, seven years after the potato famine, The Wonder tells the story of an English nurse who is hired to spend two weeks observing an eleven-year old girl, who, her parents claim, has not eaten for months. Based on the almost fifty cases of ‘fasting girls’ - of women who claimed to be surviving without food for months on end in Europe and North America between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries - Donoghue’s novel anticipates the invention of anorexia [...]

Interview | Joe Dunthorne on Cliché, Adulting and Coming of Age

What do we even want from coming of age? Do we want to be wise, mature people, or do we just care about ticking off a list of pre-agreed markers: homeowning, or a long-term relationship, or whatever it is? Ultimately, you can be a child, you can be the most immature and undeveloped human, and have achieved all those things. So obviously it’s a problematic term. Obviously, Catcher in the Rye is the ultimate touchstone for literary coming-of-age for most people [...]

Interview | Jane Draycott on sound poetry, translation and poetic process

'It’s dark in here and forest green: Britannica, sixteen oak trees in a London living room, / the little girl, my mother, in the bookcase glass. / Italy, Ithaca, Izmail, Japan, each page a mainsail, / turning, HMS Discovery – none of the rivers of southern Italy is of any great importance.' - Jane Draycott, ‘Italy to Lord’. British poet Jane Draycott is interested in sound poetry and collaboration. Her translation of the Middle English poem Pearl won the Stephen Spender Prize [...]

Interview | Teresa Grimes, Director of Tintype on Essex Road 6

Currently illuminating the window of Tintype gallery, on the Essex Road, in the London borough of Islington, is the sixth edition of the Essex Road project, which commissions eight artists each year to create a moving image work in response to the road itself. At the helm of the gallery is Director Teresa Grimes, who has created a dynamic programme featuring UK-based and international contemporary artists, including exhibitions, talks, workshops, performances and walks [...]

Interview | GeorgII Uvs | Full Circle: The Beauty of Inevitability

Driven by scientific pursuit and artistic imagination, the acclaimed Russian artist GeorgII Uvs pioneered a new approach to abstract art in which he developed a technique in painting with ultraviolet reactive pigments. Jemima Walter...

Interview | Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin Zephaniah talks to us about his new book, Gangsta Rap, released as an Official World Book Day Book.  How would you describe yourself to our readers? Often with great difficulty, it depends on what day you...

Interview | Kevin Breathnach

I had intended my interview with Kevin Breathnach to go smoothly and at first it appeared to be doing so. We had arranged a time for a discussion over Skype, had both logged on...

Short Story Competition 2016 | An interview with Angus Cargill

With just over a month until our Short Story Competition 2016 closes, we caught up with judge Angus Cargill and found out about his favourite short story, what he's currently reading and what he sees as...

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