‘If I want to go in search of myself, I must go by way of the other’: Adonis at The Mosaic Rooms

The Syrian poet and artist Adonis is an inspiration. The depth of his humanity, his towering intellect, his charm and his bravery are a delight to encounter. Rarely is there an opportunity to discover such a person at close quarters, but it was accorded by The Mosaic Rooms last week.A haven of Arabic culture in the heart of west...

The London Magazine sponsors the Joze Art Fair

From the 8th - 11th March the Joze Art Fair will be exhibiting a diverse range of artists in the unique surroundings of The Library Space, an Edwardian former school library.For further information, please go to: www.jozeartfair.com

The Keats-Shelley Prize 2012

Don't miss two competitions open to all with a Prize Money of £3000! A Poem on the theme of GOLD & An Essay on the work and lives of the Romantics and their circles.Full details on the Keats-Shelley Memorial Association website:www.keats-shelley.com

The Evening Standard on Terry Waite & The London Magazine

Terry Waite's latest contribution for The London Magazine has been featured in the Evening Standard, Londoner's Diary. To read the article, please click on the link:http://londonersdiary.standard.co.uk/2011/12/waites-plea-to-save-the-neck-of-tariq-aziz.html

Merry Christmas from The London Magazine!

The London Magazine wishes all its subscribers, Associate Members and readers a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Waverley at Whites

I might be forgiven for chiming some Dickensian imagery in my reflection upon the London Magazine’s Christmas lunch at Whites. The tropes were obvious – the flurry of arrivals (oh the grocers!), a beautifully dressed table and a palpable sense of the cordial among the eleven friends assembled. Indeed, one of our company – Oliver Hylton – is a...

Dec/Jan issue out in days!

New issue coming soon – from next week you can pre-order your copy of the December/January issue. Out in a matter of days and stunningly illustrated, it features some superb short fiction, plenty of contemporary poetry, thought-provoking essays and essential reviews.Don’t forget, a TLM subscription makes the perfect Christmas present for the discerning loved one...

The London Magazine's Telegraph Culture Review

If you missed our latest review entitled ‘A little bit of high culture that has Right on its side’ by Andrew Brown in the Telegraph’s culture section on the 14th November, don’t worry as you can download the article by clicking on the link below.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/8888921/A-little-bit-of-high-culture-that-has-Right-on-its-side.html#.TsIuOj8gXx0.email

The London Magazine's Autumn Celebration

The London Magazine was delighted to get together with so many writers and readers at Collyer Bristow on 9 November. Check out our events page for photographs from the evening.

Mayor of London book launch

The London Magazine has been invited by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to attend the launch of his book, Johnson’s Life of London. A celebration of fellow Londoners, the book is ‘about the people who made the city that made the world’.

Fado at Whites

I imagined the swooning cadences of fado filling the spaces around the clatter of cutlery at our recent lunch at Whites. A rare grouse was fine old food for a fine old October day. Grey Gowrie opened the lunch by saying that Britain and Portugal are both fine old nations and both of us are broke. Nigel Evans, fresh from...

The London Magazine’s Autumn Celebration

We are very much looking forward to celebrating with The London Magazine’s extended family of writers, subscribers, associate members, publishers, agents, friends, fans and supporters on the 9th November.  Check our events page for a post-event run-through of attendees, speakers and of course plenty of photos...

The Four Men at Montpeliano

We met for lunch last week at Montpeliano. There were four of us - Burhan Al-Chalabi, Patrick Mercer, Bruce Anderson and myself. The terrace was open to the rain but we were dry behind a white lattice screen. We ate osso buco, spaghetti with lobster and mushroom risotto - all commendable.The restaurant and the bitter-sweet, end-of-summer feel worked on...

The Aug-Sept issue has arrived!

The Aug-Sept issue of The London Magazine is here, and it's the perfect way to see out your summer.As usual, we've assembled an eclectic batch of essays that will provoke and delight. Spectator food blogger Frank Armstrong writes on the history and meaning of bread. Journalist and critic Stephen Maughan asks: whatever happened to Generation X? And author Soumya Bhattacharya muses...

The June-July issue is here!

The June-July issue of The London Magazine is published, and it's packed with wonderful reading.There are three poems from Orange-Prize-winning novelist and poet Helen Dunmore, who last year won the National Poetry Award for her poem 'The Malarkey'.New poetry, too, from Moniza Alvi, whose 2008 collection Europa was shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot Prize.Jeffrey Meyers writes on Anne Frank,...

The General: a new poem by Steven O'Brien

The General Somewhat after Ray BradburyAs the muezzin’s dusk call Sews the day to a new night The general looks up from his maps.His damp camouflage Hangs on his back Like tired tiger skin And his diligence stutters, Along his tapping finger.Below him the city’s roofs crumble- Like broken seals In the spoil of forced tombs.He cannot decipher this tablet rubble- The hoarse pedlars And cloistered women. Boys with the...

Last day of our New Year Offer!

Today is the last day of The London Magazine’s special New Year Offer.Subscribe today, and you’ll get 25% off a year’s subscription to the Magazine. That means six issues a year delivered to your door, as well as access to the entire magazine online, all for just £24.75.Subscribers can also read past issues online, dating back to April-May 2010...

Cairo: A new poem by Manash Bhattacharjee

You burst into a million seeds, poured over the hot stove of rancour, Cairo.When the walls no longer withstood your curses, you awakened the streets with your boots, Cairo.Your cries brought the sky down at Tahrir Square, the Pharaoh shook in his dreams, Cairo.With you the square was a fortress of the heart, engraved in rebellion’s calligraphy, Cairo.When bulls of the regime let loose their armoury, you defended your future with stones, Cairo.Your battered men did not flee the field...

'A Message' from T. S. Eliot

In 1954, editor Alan Ross introduced a new incarnation of The London Magazine.To mark the re-launch of the Magazine, T.S Eliot wrote “A Message”, published in Volume 1 Issue 1 in February 1954. The article, addressed, “...primarily to those English readers, at home and overseas, who profess to take an interest in literature,” captures something of the enduring spirit...

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