Interview | Joo Yeon Park on Beckett, Failure and ‘the Unword’

'If you are to fail, you might as well, as Beckett put it, 'fail better'; you might as well volunteer to fail. And failure is, possibly, a necessity in art-making, and it's not necessarily a negative thing in art. It can prove to be a turning-point, to open up a space for discussion, for something that you haven’t expected to see or experience. So it can be a positive thing, so I think there's a double-edged sword in what Beckett means by failure.' […]

My London by Tristram Fane Saunders

Home is a box on Coppermill Lane, caught in the crosshairs of Walthamstow High Street and Blackhorse Road.It’s a one-bed flat on two floors,...

Evening Light

Evening LightBrave bat in a bowler hat Blood shot eyes question What time does this light Depart?The light descends elsewhere Its shadow rising here The bat changes into an...

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