Catalogue of Minor Extinctions by Tyler Raso


i. labrador duck 

Sitting at a disrespectful distance—
———back where they came from—gets
defensive when blinking (like only
———shepherds have a right to).

welcoming wreckage to its homeland by
———sailboat the size of a catfish—this big,
tail and lip to arm.
———to arms.

ii. upland moa

Ribbed, lacking lattice, framed naked.
———like color, she really just likes to play—
private arguments in public space, like
they own the place.

endstopped in bible verse is the
———cross-hatch as old as weather—Noah’s
speciation, no longer room to complain—
———Mayflower honeymoon. legs like gossip.

iii. pile-builder megapode

She hoards all the beautiful lines.
So we’ll say nothing more about her.

iv. white-winged sandpiper

Miss Adventure: Great Auntie
———Matilda who is only famous
for catching on fire. acts like

almost. articulates in no certain terms
———the language of pretending. jump shipped
her own viking funeral.

v. wake island rail

A treachery of salamanders.

vi. ascension night heron

It wasn’t until you held the living thing in your hands,
(cup and flatten; no vessel too shallow for living,)
when you learned how tiny a dying could be.

Tyler Raso studies English and Religious Studies at Kenyon College with emphasis in Creative Writing and Buddhist Studies. His work has previously been featured in Belleville Park Pages and Contraposition Magazine.