Butterbur – A Poem by Leni Dipple



    an epithalamium

    Many people who were here before
    have gone. Their place name
    remains. It is Kilchoman.
    Kilchoman, I say, under my breath,
    I familiarise myself with where
    to place the stress. Will this word
    bloom on my tongue
    like the butterburs below?

    . the pink warmth
    of their moment
    their sighting
    on the strip between
    car and beach

    …. the sheer surprise
    of their presence
    brought smiles and
    quiet joy, a presence
    to withstand

    the wind, a heart’s
    sunrise of hope. there,
    hard up against
    the ocean crash

    in our new found north

    our new found north
    opens wide as the gash
    of her mouth she bites
    avid for life as Eve
    into her moment

    astounding excrudescences
    pushing up their pinkness
    out of grey granular bareness
    those punks ‘petasites vulgaris’
    came on to me, irresistible
    prodding and probing that
    harsh terrain until all the
    membranes gave …… and we had rain

    Butterbur, I whisper, under my breath.
    familiarise myself with where
    to place the stress. Will this word
    bloom on my tongue

    and become a bouquet?
    a bride’s bouquet ….
    in this place
    in this time
    a whole new season
    sprouts forth    shouts
    ‘i am in the pink
    i am in the pink’

    the whole length of a stem
    a celebration


    Kilchoman, Machir Bay, Islay
    early March 2012

    By Leni Dipple

    Leni Dipple has presented her poetry in a variety of contexts and places. A graduate in Portuguese and Brazilian studies with French (King´s College, London) she has taken part in the Casa dos Poetas festivals in Silves, Portugal, as well as founding the Au Pas des Troubadours events in south west France.

    Since moving to south west France she hosts `wwoofers´ (wwoof.fr) from all parts of the globe who come to learn about organic horticulture. In 2011 she presented a paper at the IFOAM Congress in South Korea on the role of the poet in organic agriculture and will be attending the next Congress this year in Istanbul.

    Between Rivers is her first full volume of poetry. This collection can be purchased here