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Review | James Cook: The Voyages at The British Library

By Charlie Allen James Cook: The Voyages, British Library, 69 Euston Road, NW1 2DB It is appropriate that an exhibition about nautical exploration should take place in the British Library. Sea-travel and sea-exploration have always been curiously aligned with books and the imagination. Homer’s Odyssey, a founding text of Western literature, is essentially a peripatetic tale of a meandering seafarer. The novel and...

Review | A Girl Behind Dark Glasses by Jessica Taylor-Bearman

Review | A Girl Behind Dark Glasses by Jessica Taylor-Bearman Published by Hashtag Press, 2018 If you’re a certain age you might remember M.E. as the ‘Yuppie Flu’ of the 80s. A condition characterised by excessive tiredness that mainly affected people in the 20 to 40 age group but which had scant medical evidence. This illness courted scepticism at the time and...

Poetry | The Goldfinches of Rome by Peter Anderson

Carduelis carduelis (Fringilla carduelis. Linn. 1758) Dawn on the Palatine: planets bow out, stars pick their way through rat-traps and incident tape. The morning after the party of all time. The sun loves me like a cat wanting my sleep. I am trying to sleep in the lee of a wall in the wilderness backyard of an emperor. There is a lyric of ruins. It is a...

Poetry | Under the Loquat by Peter Anderson

He had that majority under the loquat, rain falling like a god in gold, the breakthrough sun, and the spin on things, tar growing a fur. Loitered there looking into the intenser day, as kids emerged along the road again in slops and polyester, kissing sugar. How sober could he be in a white-wine rain? Let’s say he showed a surplus. It matters not of what. But...


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