Aug-Sept 03



György Faludy Trans. Thomas Land Love Poem

Matthew Sweeney The Anniversary Choir

William Oxley An Artist Contemplates

Shaun Traynor Shakespeare’s Last Drink

Joanna Boulter The Life of Paintings

Norman Buller Café in the Place Pigalle

John Temple Finnigan Still Life with Rembrandt

Michael Hamburger Sketches

Niall McDevitt Wittgenstein in Ireland

Keith Holyoak Burnt Offering

Luc Vuagnat Trans. Neil C. Roper Know That My Desk

R.L. Hughes Two Poems

Michael Cullup Drought

William Leo Coakley The View from Inside

Ko Un When May Is Gone



Graham Mort Smokehouse

Caroline Gilfillan The Bracelet

Julie Stradner Little Fish



Silvia Plath and Dorothea Krook The Pupil/Tutor Relationship

Paul Bahn Chauvet-nism & Shamania

Tishani Doshi The Third Sex



Marius Kociejowski on Alexander Sokurov

James W. Wood on Delamore Schwartz

Ashok Bery on David Gilmour

Chris Wallace-Crabbe on Helen Dunmore & Sally Purcell

Michael Eaude on Juan Marsé

Anne Stevenson on Anthony Hecht & John Ashbery