Ring of Brodgar



    Asking a blessing
    of stone.

    Nestled in a blaze,
    blue water and a cup
    of soft heathered hills,

    Orkney’s patchwork
    spread at her feet
    colours untangled by the sun.

    If I pace three times

    will I snap open the book,
    find my lightning-struck fate
    written on pages,
    ochre and gold?

    Others scry the surface
    read the cracks like lifelines
    in a hard palm,

    scratch their wishes
    to unseen gods.

    In the dark unknown
    we will soon learn
    stone is deaf to our pleas

    or we do not know
    the truth of our wishes.


    Gerry Stewart is a creative writing tutor, poet and editor currently based in Finland. Her
    collection Post-Holiday Blues was published by Flambard Press. She continues to struggle
    with the Finnish language and winters.