Rain When it Falls on Bracken by Fiona Sampson



    Rain when it falls
    on bracken silkily
    is like a sea of sounds
    and you are deep among them
    so deep you cannot
    fathom how you came
    to be here far out
    and given wholly up
    to these sensations no
    meaning offers itself
    like a rule for reading
    what is everywhere
    and here you are in rain
    cloaked in rain and breathing
    it as in your first home

    Fiona Sampson MBE is a poet and writer, published in thirty-seven languages, who has received international prizes in the US, India, Macedonia and Bosnia. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, she’s published twenty-seven books, received the Newdigate Prize, a Cholmondeley Award and numerous awards from the Arts Councils of England and Wales, the Society of Authors and Poetry Book Society, and twice been shortlisted for both T.S. Eliot and Forward Prizes. Her new books are Lyric Cousins: musical form in poetry (EUP), the poetry collection The Catch (Penguin) (both 2016) and Limestone Country (Little Toller, May 2017)