Poetry | Salome by Brit Parks


    Brit Parks


    Salome, stop believing this huzz pile

    Unfettered whale bones make you a forced companion

    I saw her making up the names for Laurel species
    There are 206 kinds, scientists eat Latin like it is milk-fed
    They cannot act tired of naming, we cannot act tired of hiding
    This act is forth-right in dependency and leaf alterations

    Worst-ed in upheaval, I am feeling my feathers moult
    I am happier with a junkie nerve for failure
    It is terrible terrifying to admit your bones are all crooked
    They crick each other out of place in turns

    You seem like you are sparing a starling
    But you are just guilty

    Porcelain knocking around and forgetting to say please



    Brit Parks
    is an American poet, artist, and scholar. She is the Art Editor and Features Writer for Unpolished Magazine. Her poems are featured in the book SMEAR, edited by Greta Bellamacina, RINE Journal, Rx Magazine Editor’s Choice, and New River Press Yearbook. She is based in New York.

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