Podcast | Keiran Goddard

Podcast Keiran Goddard   We spoke to author and poet Keiran Goddard about his new story in our August/September 2022 issue, ‘A Season for Every Activity’, as well as his 2022 novel ‘Hourglass’. We discuss the importance of finding your authentic voice when writing, how to sound funny on the page, and Keiran gives one […]

Fiction | Scene by Declan O’Driscoll

Declan O’Driscoll Scene There’s one scene in particular that I recall. A woman who looks to be in her 30s gets into a car. She has long auburn hair that would, if the car was moving at a reasonable speed, blow out of an open window. Or would it? Maybe I’m thinking of a convertible, […]

Interview | Jay Gao on Imperium

  Jay Gao on Imperium   Jay, you’ve had an incredibly busy year, from winning The London Magazine Poetry Prize 2021, the Desperate Literature Prize for Short Fiction 2022, and having just published your debut poetry collection, Imperium. What has been your highlight so far? It has been an amazing and humbling year; all these […]

Review | Ben Turnbull’s ‘I Don’t Like Sundays’

Adrian Burnham Ben Turnbull’s ‘I Don’t Like Sundays’   In a collaboration with Bristol creative collective ART808, British artist Ben Turnbull unveiled his latest body of work at The Mount Without (formerly St Michael’s on the Mount Without), Bristol, last month. Entitled I Don’t Like Sundays, the show was supported by city-wide poster campaign that […]

Poetry | Tristan’s Visit to Iseult by Patricia McCarthy

Patricia McCarthy Tristan’s Visit to Iseult   I am coming over sea-mountains with skins of longings and sights of untellable things for your cauldrons. The distant thunder is my precursor, warning of anxiety somewhere. The sky is trying to obscure me in its glowers. Yet the cuckoo is on my side, commentating on my position […]

Fiction | Common Decency by Susannah Dickey

Susannah Dickey Common Decency   The following text is reproduced with permission from Susannah Dickey‘s new novel Common Decency (2022), a study of alienation and connection, love and grief. For more information, visit Penguin.  After meeting Andrew, Siobhan forced herself to read rapaciously, to become au courant with his interests, to become comfortable using au […]

Fiction | Leaves by RZ Baschir

RZ Baschir Leaves   The woman cannot leave the apartment, and now, after what’s happened, the man cannot stay. …….The man collects his things; his books from the bookshelves, his mug from the sink, his dirty socks and underwear from the bedroom floor, and places them all into a black bag. It’s too big, and […]

Fiction | A Lone Astronaut Watches the World End by Jessie Greengrass

Jessie Greengrass A Lone Astronaut Watches the World End   Years ago – a lecture hall in summer. Heat. Light. A fly buzzing against a window, the sound of a lawnmower coming in through a window. I sit, chin propped on palm, side by side with others on one of many long benches, listening to […]

Archive | From Notebook by Robert Lowell

Robert Lowell From Notebook   The following piece by American poet Robert Lowell was first published in the November 1970 issue of The London Magazine, edited by Alan Ross. A hugely influential figure in American poetry, Lowell’s Life Studies won the National Book Award in 1960. He was also the recipient of the Pulizter Prize […]

Interview | Edin Zenun

Eric Block Edin Zenun   Lullaby for Realville is the first solo exhibition in London by Vienna-based arist, Edin Zenun, and runs from 15 July to 15 August 2022. Zenun paintings inspect composition, interactions between form and color and explore a range of materials including clay and oil.  The title of this show comes from […]

Fiction | Just Passing by Miranda Gold

Miranda Gold Just Passing   Alf’s train was due in just before six. Caroline’s last message to him was a list of identifying clues: red scarf, black beany… Nothing back. She scanned the boards, tried to pick out likely faces from the stream of commuters pouring past her. The best she could hope for was […]



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