“Cherry Jones returns to the role of Amanda Wingfield in Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie, directed by John Tiffany. This London revival of American theatre’s classic memory play may be the timely antidote we need.” | Megan Bradshaw


“The exhibition’s first piece is a styled wig, disembodied and backlit, hanging in a glass case. The piece has no accompanying caption or explanation; the hair is expected to speak for itself.” | Charanpreet Khaira


“There’s a stream by the Avon ward
Where I stand to watch the water flow
And unwind the whirlpools of my mind…”| Patrick Cash

chalk poets

“The otherness of nature, the gap that separates its permanence from our finite experience, is as much a part of its constructed character as its scenic wonder. This contrast forms the fulcrum of the Chalk Poets collection, twenty-one poems from seven poets that attempt to capture the sublime environment of the South Downs.” | Rufus Cuthbert

©Omar Meneses, courtesy of Jan Hendrix

“The long friendship and collaboration between Seamus Heaney and Jan Hendrix has been hitherto a little known story and began on paper and in inspiration many years before they first met in person.” | Guy Sangster-Adams

Image: Le joie de vivre - Paul Delveaux

“I could see him from beside the door. He was surrounded by men in suits, pointing at the ceiling, looking at their drinks or at what their wives were doing. I remember the sight of them perfectly, as though it was yesterday, but strangely enough, always without sound.” | Andre van Loon


“Hockney’s sense that a singular point of view is not enough to really see is stressed by his photography, layering collaged Polaroid in a patchwork that diffracts our line of sight, producing an image with less clarity and more complexity.” | Charanpreet Khaira


“tapestry of days and nights, their hands tempered by
love, clasped bodies holding their wounds at bay.” | Mary Jean Chan

Moomin Characters Omolara Olusola

“Madeleine L’Engle once said that if a book is too difficult for grownups, write it for children. But Moomintroll and Adventures in Moominland isn’t just for kids, or just for adults – it’s for anyone with a beating heart and a love to share.” | Kristian Radev