“Cherry Jones returns to the role of Amanda Wingfield in Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie, directed by John Tiffany. This London revival of American theatre’s classic memory play may be the timely antidote we need.” | Megan Bradshaw

Grant Wood: American Gothic

“American painters wishing to express the anxieties triggered by looming Fascism and war turned to Surrealism.” | Erik Martiny

Yukata Seki

“The silence aches. We find
ourselves small and empty
all cartilage and gristle
where before there
was resonance.” | Anna Kahn

Flikr | Dan Phiffer

“this is the only time to be a pigeon –
his splayed fan-tail, her flirtatious dash,
more like a leap than flight, a flash of thigh
off the tarmac he will strut and sweep” | Kate Bingham


“On 28th February, The London Magazine hosted an evening of drinks and poetry at Book and Kitchen, Notting Hill.”


“Hockney’s sense that a singular point of view is not enough to really see is stressed by his photography, layering collaged Polaroid in a patchwork that diffracts our line of sight, producing an image with less clarity and more complexity.” | Charanpreet Khaira

Studland Beach. Verso: Group of Male Nudes by Duncan Grant

“How much context do we need to appreciate a painting? Take, for example, Vanessa Bell’s Studland Beach, 1912. We might describe it in terms of its diagonal division: a mauve-blue mass floats above; a blanched beige sits below…” | Robert Hawkins

Flikr | Raheel Shahid

“In her place, a stack of orisons grows,
One note at a time, sent from where
We’re going until we’re gone.” | Aaron Fagan


“The prestigious T.S. Eliot Award in January that kicked off the poetry establishment’s crowded calendar of poetry competitions served to highlight the ever widening gap between the poetry featured in the competitions and the poetry reading public.” | Paul Gittins