“John Singer Sargent is best known as a painter of portraits in oil. Since childhood, however, he was also a keen watercolourist, and a new exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery seeks to show his ‘technical brilliance’ in the medium.” | Suzannah V. Evans

This is celebration of showmanship and sensitivity, of creative potential and mournful loss comes in from the margins to become the shared history of all our lives, everyday.” | Laurel Forster

“For such an epochal album it is entirely appropriate that the photographs that the band commissioned to accompany it from the photographer, Michael Joseph, are equally significant, widely considered to be amongst the best photographs taken of them. The images, currently on show at Proud Chelsea, carry an extraordinary, multi-layered power and beauty.” | Guy Sangster-Adams 

This is not throwing plates, how
you ask me. Too late for that.
This is a whisper dissection.” | Ila Colley

“Princes, prefects, urchins and poets; these are just a few in a court of luminaries setting sail to Venice. But all is not as it seems, for this royal court is not to be found on the passenger list – all are actually cargo, nestled safely below deck.” | Lucy Binnersley

Stone Fruit, Stephen Yenser’s highly anticipated third collection published by Waywiser, dazzles, delights, and enchants with its wordplay, predilection for sound effects, and linguistic brilliance.”
| Hélène Cardona

“I think that competition judging is like editing: you have to do in a spirit of utmost integrity and enthusiasm. You have to be looking for the best work, and to feel a leap of enthusiasms when you discover it.” | Theophilus Kwek

You Must Change Your Life is an enthralling exploration of the complex relationship between two creative giants of art and literature, drawn together in Paris at the birth of a new century.”
| Will Stone

“Pavements slick from rain and a market at night, risen dripping from the oily roads like a brand new continent… Two little boys sit with faces blue from a screen cupped in four warm hands and there’s plenty of music seeping from the decks but it’s the sound of the sirens that makes the little ones dance.” | Charlotte Newman