Alexander Calder, Composition (Pyramids and Sun on Target), 1973, ink and gouache on paper

“SALON, Saatchi Gallery’s commercial exhibition space, launched earlier this year aiming to present the work of leading international artists who have had limited exposure in the UK. Its latest exhibition Calder on Paper: 1960 – 1976 is staged in collaboration with Mayfair’s Omer Tiroche Gallery and presents a large variety of Alexander Calder’s vibrant gouaches on paper.” | Harry Dougall


“It had been twenty years since they last met. Thirty eight year old Eoghan O’Dullach was nervous inside; and in his brain he was running through past experiences of the, in the end, failed relationship. Those experiences which caused him emotional pain; and would they, him and her, be able to see with considerable hindsight how immature, emotionally, they both were back then?” | Neil Burns

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Our judges, Patricia McCarthy and Frieda Hughes, have made their choices and we are delighted to announce the winners.


“Shetland is a quiet, self-possessed nation of 22,000 whose population still considers itself to be more Norse than British. They like celebrations, foys they call them, but the big one comes on the last Tuesday of January, a midwinter relief when male Shetlanders dress up as Vikings, process through the capital, Lerwick – or Lerook in the vernacular – with torches and set fire to a galley.”  | Simon Tait


To pick up a book, writes Ioanna Mavrou, is ‘as if stepping out of the world for a beat and taking a much needed breath.’ Mavrou runs the independent publishers Book Ex Machina, responsible for the exquisite collection of epistolary reflections: The Letters Page Vol. 2. Edited by author Jon McGregor (If Nobody Speaks Of Remarkable Things), the volume features twelve excellent contemporary writers. Each writer gives us their letter on the theme of ‘copies’. | Patrick Cash


Stone Fruit, Stephen Yenser’s highly anticipated third collection published by Waywiser, dazzles, delights, and enchants with its wordplay, predilection for sound effects, and linguistic brilliance.”
| Hélène Cardona

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“This week sees the opening of the exhibition The British Underground Press of the Sixties, at A22 Gallery, Clerkenwell, featuring the covers of every countercultural publication from the 1960s. The show is curated by Barry Miles and James Birch. Miles along with John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins were the founders of International Times, the underground magazine that initiated the counterculture media revolution that is celebrated in the exhibition.”  | Amani Iqbal


“Descend the vertiginous spiral staircase to the Inigo Rooms of Somerset House in London between September 21st and December 10th 2017, and you will encounter ‘Melancholia – A Sebald Variation’, a fascinating exhibition in almost complete monochrome curated by writer and art historian John-Paul Stonard and the author Lara Fiegel.”
| Will Stone

poetry london1

“After reading her ‘state-of-the-nation’ poem ‘Remains of the Day’, written after the referendum result a year ago, the evening ends with a flood of people leaving the room, talking energetically about the poetry they had heard, and clutching copies of Poetry London.” | Suzannah V. Evans




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