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Interview | Lubna Chowdhary

Eric Block Lubna Chowdhary   This summer sees a major solo exhibition of the work of Lubna Chowdhary take place at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA). Her 35 year career has seen significant public art commissions and this is her largest large-scale museum exhibition, and includes two new large-scale site specific works. Ahead of […]

Poetry | Two Poems by Andrew Wells

Andrew Wells Two Poems goldfish poem each corner laid bare like – see all corners laid before me – of what/ of the great big blue / what kind of I am readjusting to an interface of tides if I compared satellites to peonies, would you still – all corners laid or left ajar like […]

Non-fiction | The Pembridge Poets by Chris Rice

Chris Rice The Pembridge Poets    On 17th June 1976, Robert Greacen (56, Northern Irish poet), hosted the first of his poetry workshops from his flat in Pembridge Crescent, Notting Hill Gate. Also present at the first meeting were: Peter Rodda (39, South African writer and activist), Tim Dooley (25, poet and English teacher), Matthew […]

Poetry | Two Poems by Jasmine Gray

Jasmine Gray Two Poems   decorative your vulnerability is that you are a joke you know you are a bruised peach you can pinpoint the date and time it all began you fear anyone who meets you now will know you want to slip inside cool water you will let him destroy you then wake […]

Essay | William Blake at Calvary’s Foot and Sinai’s Cave by Niall McDevitt

Niall McDevitt William Blake at Calvary’s Foot and Sinai’s Cave William Blake never travelled to Jerusalem. Instead, two of his masterpieces twin Britain with Jerusalem. The preface to Milton, ‘Jerusalem’ the lyric, imagines Christ visiting England. His final epic Jerusalem the Emanation of the Giant Albion imagines a mystical relationship between a male Albion and […]

Fiction | Faint-Hearted Z by Viken Berberian

Viken Berberian Faint-Hearted Z   We are known to grumble, but no one expected war to break out. At our annual language conference, which took place on a thickly wooded island, a procedural meeting began about diacritic marks, those symbols sitting over us like pathetic and unwanted weight, as if to say: ‘Hey, look at […]

Poetry | Stars in a Field by Rebecca Goss

Rebecca Goss Stars in a Field   I have asked for this county to soften in you your marrow to swim with its flint and barley that you learn villages and their stiles sense the shadows of churches want stars in a field bend to its soils black and alluvial swallow all the coasts salt […]

Fiction | Sunstroke by Fernando Sdrigotti

Fernando Sdrigotti Sunstroke It’s the second time this morning that the lifeguard and a group of tanned men and women walk past, clapping, parading a lost kid. This kid is also crying: his eyes are red and swollen – he must have been lost for a while, before someone spotted him and took him to […]

Review | Jonas Čeika and synthetic philosophy by Josh McLoughlin

Josh McLoughlin Jonas Čeika and synthetic philosophy   How to Philosophize with a Hammer and Sickle: Nietzsche and Marx for the Twenty-First Century, Jonas Čeika, Repeater Books 2021, £10.99 (Paperback) Where would philosophy be without the Will to Synthesise? Radical originality—philosophy ex nihilo—has been conspicuous by its absence. Major philosophers have instead synthesised existing traditions […]

Fiction | Play by Martha Sprackland

Martha Sprackland Play   It was the third time he’d been into the school. Again he felt uncomfortable, vulnerable. Why, if not about power, were the parents met here, in the middle area, and gestured to sit in these tiny, blue plastic chairs, rather than in the Head’s office? Or at least the staff room. […]

Podcast | Jessie Greengrass

Podcast Jessie Greengrass   We spoke to author Jessie Greengrass about her new story in our June/July 2022 issue, ‘A Lone Astronaut Watches the World End’, as well as her 2021 novel ‘The High House’. We discuss the role of the writer in the climate crisis, the power of the monologue and Jessie gives one […]



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