Copyright: Lisa Brice
Courtesy: Lisa Brice and Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

“In 1959 Yves Klein wrote: “blue has no dimensions.” For him, all other colours could be relegated to specific associative ideas that they arouse. Blue on the other hand is boundless and “suggests at most the sea and the sky.” | Siima Itabaaza


“Ocean Vuong and Kayo Chingonyi’s recent reading is one of the most spectacular that I have attended. R. A. Villanueva introduced the event by noting that the audience would be hearing ‘Poetry with a capital “P”’, praising the ‘staggeringly brilliant’ debut collections of the two poets.” | Suzannah V. Evans

Ledbury Church Lane

“I think that competition judging is like editing: you have to do it in a spirit of utmost integrity and enthusiasm. You have to be looking for the best work, and to feel a leap of enthusiasm when you discover it.” | Theophilus Kwek

Mr and Mrs E.J.P. by Howard Hodgkin, 1969-73, Tate: Accepted by HM Government in lieu of tax and allocated to the Tate Gallery 1996 © Howard Hodgkin

“According to a new exhibition of Howard Hodgkin’s work at the National Portrait Gallery, one of the artist’s principal concerns throughout his sixty-five year career was to ‘evoke a human presence in his work.” | Suzannah V. Evans

Studland Beach. Verso: Group of Male Nudes by Duncan Grant

“How much context do we need to appreciate a painting? Take, for example, Vanessa Bell’s Studland Beach, 1912. We might describe it in terms of its diagonal division: a mauve-blue mass floats above; a blanched beige sits below…” | Robert Hawkins

Yukata Seki

“The silence aches. We find
ourselves small and empty
all cartilage and gristle
where before there
was resonance.” | Anna Kahn

Flikr | Raheel Shahid

“In her place, a stack of orisons grows,
One note at a time, sent from where
We’re going until we’re gone.” | Aaron Fagan

State of the Nation, The Court of Redonda, Stephen Chambers

“Princes, prefects, urchins and poets; these are just a few in a court of luminaries setting sail to Venice. But all is not as it seems, for this royal court is not to be found on the passenger list – all are actually cargo, nestled safely below deck.” | Lucy Binnersley

Stewart Butterfield

“In the seventh of his twelve lectures as Oxford Professor of Poetry, the late Geoffrey Hill took issue with the Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, over her assertion in a Guardian interview that poetry was a form of texting…” | Paul Gittins