Submission Guidelines


*We are currently not accepting open submissions to The London Magazine. If you would like to enter our Poetry Prize, please click here.*

Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting any work to The London Magazine

The London Magazine publishes literary writing of the highest quality. We look for original poetry and short fiction that startles and entertains us. Reviews, essays and features should be erudite, lucid and incisive.

General submissions will be considered for publication in some or all of the following formats: print in the relevant issue of The London Magazine, eBook Edition (Kindle), The London Magazine App or on Please note that we may select your submission for publication online only.

Please refer to The London Magazine before you submit work, for examples of the type of material we publish.

All submissions sent to The London Magazine must not have previously been published, self-published, appeared on any website, blog or online forum, broadcast, nor have won or been placed (e.g. 2nd, 3rd, runner up etc.) in any competition.

N.B. While we try to respond to every submitter, the volume of submissions we receive means that it is not always possible to contact each writer individually. Simultaneous submissions are accepted. If you haven’t heard back from us within 8 weeks, please assume that your submission has not been accepted on this occasion.



  • Poems should be no longer than 40 lines.
  • The maximum number of poems you should submit is 6.
  • If submitting multiple poems through Submittable, please combine them into one document.

Short Fiction

Short fiction submitted for consideration should be no longer than 4,000 words. We have no restrictions on subject matter but would emphasise we are looking particularly for fiction that displays originality of theme and style and an innovative and creative approach to the genre.


Non-fiction pieces should be between 800 and 2,000 words. Single inverted commas should be used for all quotes/speech. Titles of works including books, plays, film and paintings should be in italics. We do not print footnotes.


The London Magazine is looking for artists to interpret both original literature and pieces from our archive through illustration. If you are interested in illustrating a poem or short story for TLM, please submit samples of your work through the Submittable illustration category.


Submission Process

Work should be submitted either via Submittable or by email.


To submit through Submittable, please create an account and send your submission through the online portal.

Submit through our online portal

  • Please do not duplicate submissions
  • If submitting multiple pieces through Submittable, please combine them into one document.
  • Please ensure you have submitted your piece through the correct Submittable category. For example, a short story submitted in the poetry category will not be considered.


Email submissions should be sent to the following addresses.

Poetry Submissions:

Short Fiction Submissions:

Nonfiction Submissions:

You must attach your submission to the email. Please include the title of your submission in the subject line.


Postal Submissions

Please note that whilst postal submissions will be considered, submission via Submittable or email is strongly preferred. 

Please send postal submissions to:

The London Magazine
11 Queen’s Gate
London SW7 5EL

Unfortunately, we cannot return manuscripts to the sender.