There was no question of exposing the truth from that point on. His Facebook profile had never received so many likes. His Periscope videos had never been viewed by so many people. He’d never been so regularly retweeted. The imposter was living Kurt’s life, and he was doing it better than the real Kurt ever could. | Rhys Timpson

‘Bernard O’Donoghue was born in 1945 in Cullen, Co Cork. His latest collection, The Seasons of Cullen Church, returns with a compelling and simple diction to that place and time.’  | Alice Troy-Donovan


‘Armitage felt, he says, that each decision while writing the poem was a trade-off between medieval authenticity and latter day clarity…To a modern reader, the simple clarity of the medieval cosmos – with its binary oppositions of saved and damned, flawless and flawed, pearl and dust – is striking.’ | Robert Hawkins


February: there is a white pigeon opened like a book
on the kerb     poor it could not imagine
the unexpected glamour of being a pin-up –
process of     violence. | Imogen Cassels


All five poets have grasped something that needs to be said, and in their own distinctive, exquisite ways, have made us ‘more human’. | Theophilus Kwek

endstopped in bible verse is the
cross-hatch as old as weather—Noah’s
speciation, no longer room to complain—
Mayflower honeymoon. legs like gossip. 
| Tyler Raso

We look up, & beyond the maple trees & the brick
steeples with weathervane roosters, clouds billow
as sleeping monsters. | Talin Tahajian

Photo by Jon Parker Lee

In this interview with Ian McMillan, The London Magazine’s Editor, Steven O’Brien, and Production Manager, Rachel Chanter, discuss Ian McMillan’s most recent collection of selected poems, To Fold the Evening Star.

Image: appeared in The London Magazine's August/September Issue in 1973, Vol. 12 No. 3.

In The London Magazine‘s August/September Issue Vol. 13 No.3 in 1973, Robert Wennersten talks to David Hockney in a lengthy interview about his success, his teaching early on in his career, and the artwork that hung on his walls many years ago. | Robert Wennersten

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