“The village lay among the great red rocks about a thousand feet up and five miles from the sea, which was reached by a path that wound along the contours of the hills.” | Short fiction which first appeared in The London Magazine in May, 1963.

Paul Cezanne, Three Bathers, 1879-1882. Reproduction courtesy of The National Gallery

This exhibition explores the relationship between artists and the paintings which they owned: how they came to possess them, why they wanted them and the influence they had on their own art. | Jeremy Wikeley

Camille Ralphs

Hurst Street Press publisher speaks to poet Camille Ralphs about her recent poetry publication Malkin. | Shoshana Kessler


‘Europe is a wasteland in Will Stone’s third collection The Sleepwalkers. The poet portrays the continent as ‘What’s left of burned out stars’ in these short poems that read well individually and better as a whole.’ | Ludo Cinelli

Photo: Young Vic

‘Australian theatre’s “enfant terrible,” Simon Stone, rewrites and directs Lorca’s Yerma through a glass darkly.’ | Megan Rene Bradshaw

Title for Ted Hughes’ poem The Lake, published in The London Magazine in July 1963

“Better disguised than the leaf-insect,

A sort of subtler armadillo,
The lake turns with me as I walk.”

| Poetry which first appeared in The London Magazine in July, 1963.

brown-shoes - 700x364

“Weekends, growing up, I’d watch my father
as he sat on a low stool in the veranda

surrounded by half a dozen pairs of shoes,” | Nausheen Eusuf

Denise Riley cover

“In their most cliched form, attempts to describe the experience of bereavement tend to settle into a series of unanswerable questions: ‘why?’ being the principle, but also ‘what if?’, and the more general need ‘for an answer’ … The title of Denise Riley’s latest poetry collection, Say Something Back, both shares this characteristic wanhope and defiantly resists it” | Alice Troy-Donovan

Title for Matthew Scott's essay 'John Scott's The London Magazine', first published in December 2008.

Matthew Scott’s essay ‘John Scott’s The London Magazine’ looks at the history of TLM. It was first published in The London Magazine in December 2008.

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