Soho Theatre

“picture this: a darkened theatre in the heart of the West End, a wildly applauding audience of teachers, librarians, school mums and friends, and more than a dozen brave, articulate teenagers taking the stage with most spot-on, heart-thumping verses about the world and their place in it.” | Theophilus Kwek

‘Bernard O’Donoghue was born in 1945 in Cullen, Co Cork. His latest collection, The Seasons of Cullen Church, returns with a compelling and simple diction to that place and time.’  | Alice Troy-Donovan


‘Armitage felt, he says, that each decision while writing the poem was a trade-off between medieval authenticity and latter day clarity…To a modern reader, the simple clarity of the medieval cosmos – with its binary oppositions of saved and damned, flawless and flawed, pearl and dust – is striking.’ | Robert Hawkins

Camille Ralphs

Hurst Street Press publisher speaks to poet Camille Ralphs about her recent poetry publication Malkin. | Shoshana Kessler

endstopped in bible verse is the
cross-hatch as old as weather—Noah’s
speciation, no longer room to complain—
Mayflower honeymoon. legs like gossip. 
| Tyler Raso

Mike Lewinski

“In a time where words are often used to spread fear and falsehood, we have reason to study their best qualities – care, self-awareness, daring honesty. After all, as Vuong puts it in his penultimate poem, ‘Here’s today’ – and here is ‘the room with everyone in it’.” | Theophilus Kwek

Paul Cezanne, Three Bathers, 1879-1882. Reproduction courtesy of The National Gallery

This exhibition explores the relationship between artists and the paintings which they owned: how they came to possess them, why they wanted them and the influence they had on their own art. | Jeremy Wikeley

Photo: Young Vic

‘Australian theatre’s “enfant terrible,” Simon Stone, rewrites and directs Lorca’s Yerma through a glass darkly.’ | Megan Rene Bradshaw

Photo from The London Magazine's recent event at the House of Commons, February 2016

“I am incredibly tickled to feature so prominently in Nicholas Royle’s introductory essay for Salt’s Best British Stories 2016. I have never met Nicholas, nor read his work and don’t know much about him, but his prissy comments about my role as editor of The London Magazine are a sheer delight.” | Steven O’Brien

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