“As a woman with a diverse heritage herself, this message occupies a crucial role in the undercurrent of Lowe’s poetry, specifically in the face of the world’s current, culturally protectionist attitudes. Indeed, what is most compelling about Chan is that through the personal Lowe’s work reaches the universal by inviting us ‘to look both ways’.” | Amanda Merritt

Union Station Shoeshine © Cindy Woods

“‘Shoeshine, sir?’ asked the young lad with a shoeshine box in his hand, as I peered into the window of a shop in New Delhi’s fashionable Connaught Circus.” | Mohamed Keshavjee


“tapestry of days and nights, their hands tempered by
love, clasped bodies holding their wounds at bay.” | Mary Jean Chan


“This is a strange and quiet novel. Straddling the border between fantasy and realism, it details a phenomenon in a slum in central Seoul – people’s shadows ‘rise’ (literally peeling off the ground) and coax the people away from reality – and follows two protagonists, Eungyo and Mujae, as they slowly, almost noticeably, fall in love.” | Claire Kohda Hazelton


Thank you so much to everyone who entered The London Magazine‘s Short Story Competition 2016. We were delighted to see such a large volume and high standard of entries. Judges Max Porter, Erica Wagner and Angus Cargill have made their decision, and we are very pleased to announce the winners…

Man Ray Glass Tears

“Drawing from Sir Elton’s private photography collection—with over 8,000 works, it is one of the largest in the world—“The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from the Sir Elton John Collection” surveys photography’s development in the early twentieth century, calumniating in a love letter to an art form. “ | M. Rene Bradshaw

Image © Life

This poem by Jean Rhys first appeared in The London Magazine in January 1960.

Photo by Nikki Marrone

“Besides reviving a genre in the public eye, they have brought together – and continue to celebrate – an unprecedented range of different ways of living, and are steadily, courageously, re-shaping our common language in the process. It’s time we accorded the stage the same careful attention and support that we offer the page. There’s too much we stand to lose if we don’t.” | Theophilus Kwek

The D'oyly Carte Room, The Savoy

We were delighted to host a lunch on Monday 12th December in The D’Oyly Carte Room, welcoming Anthony Horowitz, Frieda Hughes, Damon Hill, Robert McCrum, Hugo Williams, Daisy Dunn. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped us round off a great year for The London Magazine.